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Youth Radio Project:  January 2015

Youth Radio Project: January 2015

Youth Radio Project participants for the 2014/15...

Support for WTIP’s Youth Radio Project comes in part from the state of Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.
Want to be the next voice in radio? Want to learn how to record and edit music & audio? Through the WTIP Youth Radio Project, you’ll learn all the aspects of radio work: from recording an interview to audio engineering to hosting a music show.

Youth Radio Project
On this edition of the Youth Show we are talking about careers. Many of the Youth Producers interview prominent members of the community and the high school. Featuring interviews with Al Heine, Jay Arrowsmith-Decoux, Mike McHugh, Amy Demmer, Mary McDonald, Patrick Knight, and Senator Al...
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Lynden Blomberg
Hi, It’s Lynden Blomberg here. I recently joined WTIP’s Youth Radio Program and I am very happy to be part of it! I am in 8th grade and I go to Great Expectations School. I am a hard core music fan and enjoy all genres. I’m very excited to be considered part of the WTIP...
Nina Woerheide
Hello there, my name is Nina Woerheide, and I live in Lutsen.  I enjoy - and have enjoyed for the past fifteen years - the cold weather, tons of snow, rainy days, and Lake Superior, all in Northern Minnesota.  I have always loved listening to the radio, as something fun to do, or maybe...
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Patrick Knight
In this interview with WTIP's own Patrick Knight, Youth Producer Nina Woerheide asks what interests Patrick and what motivated him to pursue a career in...
Lynden Blomberg
In this commentary, Youth Producer Lynden Blomberg expresses his concern over the conflicts in finding a job. Should one want to change the world, raise a family, or just shoot for a six figure...
Cook County High School
Youth Producer Lucy Callender has always considered having a job that involved English and language arts. In this interview with Mike McHugh, high school English teacher at Cook County Schools, Lucy explores the particulars of the...
Cook County ISD 166
Youth Producer Doran Acero interviews Kris Hoffman, the counselor at Cook County Middle and High...
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Mystery Noise! Photo by Oberazzi via Flickr.

Take a listen to this week's "Mystery Noise," a feature on the Thursday PM Youth Show!

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Joey's Random Fact

Cy Fortunato and Joey Chemelik are two hosts of the Youth Radio Project. Each time they host the program, Joey shares a random fact. This week, Joey shares an interesting fact about giraffes.

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