Wildersmith on the Gunflint

Fred Smith

Fred Smith
Fred Smith, a native Iowan re-located to the wilderness of border country at the end of the century, has been writing of happenings in the upper Gunflint territory for going on eight years, first with the local paper, and since December 2008 for WTIP North Shore Community Radio. Fred feels life in the woods is extraordinary, and finds reporting on it to both a reading and listening audience a pleasurable challenge. Since retirement as a high school athletic administrator from Ankeny High School, Ankeny Iowa in 1999, the pace of Fred's life has become less hectic but nevertheless, remains busy in new ways with many volunteer activities along the Trail. Listen at your convenience by subscribing to a podcast.

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A Minnesota Blizzard (by Googleaseerch on wikimedia)

Wildersmith January 21

The Full Wolf/Great Spirit moon was a howling celebrity over the Gunflint Territory as it approached fullness last weekend.

Canada Lynx (by Michael Zahra on wikimedia)

Wildersmith January 14

Winter has set down with the usual January cold, and has offered up a couple days of meager snow accumulations since we last met on the radio and/or web.

Frozen Lake (by Mike6271 on wikimedia)

Wildersmith January 7

A belated Happy New Year to everyone! The days spin by so fast regardless of where one is located, and being in the wilderness is no exception, 2011 is already a week old!

Snow (User:Introvert on Wikimedia)

Wildersmith December 24

 The north woods and all the universe is celebrating the birthday of all birthdays in a few short hours.

Winter by Pöllö on Wikimedia

Wildersmith December 17

 For some folks, “the weather outside is frightful,” but for the moose and me, “it’s just delightful.” What a gift we have in the out-of-doors from October to May!

Middle of the Road

Wildersmith December 11

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?  I’m guessing that such is the case down on Bow Lake at Okontoe as “in the lane, snow is glistening.” It’s a gorgeous winter wonderla

White Abstraction

Wildersmith December 4

Winter took another swipe at the Gunflint Territory last week. And for once the weather forecasters hit one right on.

Untitled Winter

Wildersmith November 27

Old Man Winter seems to be enjoying the territory now that he has finally arrived.  For the second consecutive weekend, the pesky guy has dropped a few more inches of snow.


Wildersmith November 19

 Back in the wilderness once more. My thanks are again extended to the canine residing on Hungry Jack Lake that brought you last week’s Gunflint scoop!

Snowshoe Hare

Wildersmith November 5

After several months of growling about the months of territorial drought, a rather substantial precipitation event occurred over a few days last week. Wonders will never cease!