Points North

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich writes a weekly column on conservation and the outdoors for Minnesota Outdoor News. He owns Northern Wilds Media, Inc., a publishing company located in Grand Marais and is the author of eight books. He lives in Hovland with his partner Vikki and two dogs. His commentary, Points North, airs on WTIP every Friday morning between 7-8 and Saturdays on North Shore Weekend between 7-10 a.m. You can also subscribe on our Points North podcast.


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Shawn's dog Abby in South Dakota

Points North: Making Up for a Lost Spring

What change a year can bring. Last year, in midst of deep snow and below-zero cold, I took a breath and wrote that April was my favorite month of the year.

PolyMet processing site - former LTV Steel plant near Hoyt Lakes

Points North: Trust the system in PolyMet environmental review

Recently, I visted the proposed PolyMet copper mine and processing facility at Hoyt Lakes.


Don't undervalue the state's public lands

Recently, a local logger delivered 12 cords of birch firewood to our yard. We always order our firewood at this time of year (it generally takes all winter to cut up the previous wood pile).

“The Omnivore's Dilemma,” by Michael Pollan

Points North: Healthy eating is good for conservation

Michael Pollan is a novice hunter, but his writing on the topics of hunting and animal rights are among the best to appear in the past decade.

Beached Ice, Grand Portage Bay by Travis Novitsky

Points North: Is a Road-Killed Skunk a Sign of Spring?

I shoulda’ known better. In the time it took me to clear a couple of inches of fresh snow from the doorstep, the yellow Lab went AWOL. Tracks told the story.

Bill Peterson's photo of a caribou in Cook County.

Points North: The story of Minnesota’s last known caribou

About thirty years ago, some former residents paid a winter visit to Minnesota’s North Shore.