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Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich writes a weekly column on conservation and the outdoors for Minnesota Outdoor News. He owns Northern Wilds Media, Inc., a publishing company located in Grand Marais and is the author of eight books. He lives in Hovland with his partner Vikki and two dogs. His commentary, Points North, airs on WTIP every Friday morning between 7-8 and Saturdays on North Shore Weekend between 7-10 a.m. You can also subscribe on our Points North podcast.


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Ethanol Plant

Points North: Will Pheasant Hunting Drown In An Ethanol Sea?

Two recent actions by Congress and the administration are very likely to result in far fewer pheasants in Minnesota and across the Midwest.

Ruffed Grouse (by Mdf on wikimedia)

Points North: Researcher Struggles To Fund Ruffed Grouse Research

Rocky Gutierrez likes to point out an irony of Minnesota game bird management. The state has two hunting stamps dedicated to specific birds—the ring-necked pheasant and the wild turkey.

Moose (by Douglas Brown on Flickr)

Points North: From Moose to Mussels, Landwehr Has Work To Do

Two ardent pheasant hunters told me about a post-Christmas hunt in western Minnesota cattail marshes during a hallway break at the 2011 DNR Roundtable held last week.

Field Dressing A Deer (by MJCdetroit on wikimedia)

Points North: Resolutions Spur Outdoor Enthusiasm

Recently, I interviewed a few friends for a trout fishing story I'm writing for a magazine.

Pine Tree by MichaelPloujnikov on Wikimedia

Points North: A Poached Tree And The Promise Of Spring

 Years ago I found myself on a rocky outcrop overlooking the little North Shore community where I live.

Deer (Wikimedia)

Points North: The Price We Pay for Deer Abundance

New England's abundant whitetails present a host of management challenges, according to a story in the current issue

Minnesota Corn (Kris on Wikimedia)

Points North: We Need A Salesman To Lead The DNR

 While we still aren’t sure who will be our next governor, some are already speculating about who our incoming leader will appoint to lead the Minnesota DNR.

Whitetail Buck

Points North: Whitetail Encounter Draws A Snowy Curtain On 2010 Hunt

When deer season ends, so does my hunting. Deer season is the grande finale of my outdoor year, which begins in April as soon as I can wet a line in open water.

Black Bear

Points North: In The Deer Woods, It’s The Year Of The Bear...And The Eagle

 Around our house, this deer season is the Year of the Bear. No, we didn’t shoot a bruin. Instead, a bear cub has become our hunting party’s unofficial mascot.

Casting Votes

Points North: How Will The Election Affect Conservation And The Environment?

 Last week’s elections can be summed up by saying an angry swarm of voters descended on the nation’s