New hope for county economic development is WTIP’s First Thursday for April

Go Cook County
Go Cook County

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For the first eleven years of this century Cook County’s economy grew at less than the rate of inflation. Still the economy is turning the corner nationally and there is a renewed vitality here optimistic about the future.

Join WTIP’s Jay Andersen and his guests for “Economic Development – the search for sustainable growth” on First Thursday Community Conversation.

Our county is at a crossroads and a team of over 20 local businesspeople, organization managers and elected officials are working to create a shared economic development vision. More than that, they’re forming strategies and actions to make it happen.

Four GO Cook County team members – Jim Boyd, Jan Sivertson, Mark Sandbo and Mike Prom -- discuss their first impressions of data and survey responses as they get ready to form a plan for Cook County’s future.

“Economic Development – the search for sustainable growth” this month’s First Thursday Community Conversation. Only on WTIP North Shore Community Radio.

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