Lake County Journal

Petrell Creek in Lake County. The Lake County Journal airs the fourth Thursday of every month at 7 p.m.

  • 4th Thursday 7-8pm

Lake County Journal is a one-hour radio magazine which can be heard on the fourth Thursday of each month from 7 to 8 p.m. Join Lake County residents on the fourth Thursday of each month for music, adventure, and stories about life in Lake County, Minnesota. 

What's On:

Lake County Journal: Eerie Wilderness Stories

Hear stories about ghosts and other eerie experiences in the wilderness from the folks at the Lake County Journal.

Sunny's Back Yard: Chipmunk Story

Sunny prepares for the transition to winter, and remembers a favorite chipmunk in this edition of Sunny's Back Yard.

Mt. Holmes

Gus' Wild Side: Life at the top of Mt. Holmes

Gus has spent time working as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park. Here he tells us about some of his experiences living remotely in a fire look-out cabin.

Sunny's Back Yard: Too Much Zucchini

Sunny finds ways to deal with too much zucchini, and remembers a special rainy night with northern lights in this edition of Sunny's Back Yard.


Gus' Wild Side: A favorite uncle, pro wrestling and trout fishing

Gus remembers a favorite uncle who loved trout fishing and pro wrestling.

Sunny's Back Yard: Late August Farewell

Sunny says farewell to August....and to an all-too-brief summer in this edition of Sunny's Back Yard.

Dunraven Pass and Mount Washburn

Gus' Wild Side: Yellowstone Stories

Gus relates experiences while working as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park.


Sunny's Back Yard: June in the Northwoods

In this episode from late June, Sunny shares what she likes - and dislikes - about the vibrant month of June in the northwoods.


Gus' Wild Side: In Search of Quiet

Gus explores the importance of quiet in his life - and explains that finding quiet can often be difficult.

Sunny's Backyard Visitor

Sunny's Back Yard: Reluctant Spring

In this edition from late May, Sunny updates us on the progress of this year's reluctant spring.