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Best of Ourselves

Marcia Hyatt

Marcia Hyatt

Marcia Hyatt is a leadership and life coach who provides a weekly feature on WTIP's North Shore Weekend titled "The Best of Ourselves," which explores how we can be resilient and creative in these turbulent times.  Each week, the feature explores what we can do to be intentional, creative and joyful in our lives. 


What's On:

Sharing Our Suffering - April 4, 2015

Being present with our suffering and having the courage to share it with trusted friends is part of the healing process.  As Leonard Cohen said, "Cracks are how the light gets in."


High Performing Teams - March 28, 2015

What ingredients increase the possibility that you will have a high performing team?


Conflict at Work - March 21, 2015

The latest research shows it is not the content that makes conflict productive or unproductive, it is the directness and intensity that make the difference.


Work your Mindfulness - March 14, 2015

Recent research clearly shows how 27 minutes a day increase our ability to be more intentional.


Influence - January 24, 2015

Great leadership has both warmth and strength.  To influence, start with the warmth.

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Changing the Context to Change Ourselves - January 17, 2015

We can support ourselves in changing behavior by changing the environment.  Don't want to eat as much candy, move the dish further away or out of site.


Nudge Yourself in a Better Direction - January 3, 2015

"It is possible to nudge yourself in a better direction everyday" says Rick Hanson.  In 10 second increments we can grow and become more resilient.

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Rethinking Competition - December 13, 2014

There is lots of evidence that collaboration can reap more rewards than competition.  Maybe its time to re-think competition.


Exciting New Images for Organizations - December 6, 2014

Rethinking Organizations is a self-published book by Frederic Laloux.  He shows how organizational forms have mirrored our evolving consciousness.


Accepting What Shows Up - November 29, 2014

It can be quite freeing to learn how to accept what shows up versus how it "should" have been.