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Youth Voices Stories

Youth Radio Project previews upcoming basketball season in this feature (acid pix/Flickr)

2013-14 Cook County Basketball Season

It's another year of basketball for Cook County High School athletes.

Czarina shares another original poem with us in this feature (TempusVolat/Flickr)

From the Couch to the Kitchen

Czarina Crow is a WTIP Youth Radio Project producer, high school student and poet. In this feature, she shares a poem about family and loneliness.

Daniel Ditmanson

Teacher Feature: Daniel Ditmanson

Daniel Ditmanson is a Reading Corps volunteer at Sawtooth Mountain Elementary.

Cailan & Collin (Photo by Bjorn Johnson)

Youth Radio Project: Love, Long-distance

It's something a lot of young couples face when they graduate from high school. Should they split up as they go off to new adventures?

Part of the CCHS Cross Country Team

Sean MacDonell interviews Cross County coach April Wahlstrom

The Cook County Cross Country team is wrapping up their 2013 season this month.

Jack o' lanterns are a sure sign that Halloween is approaching (Jose Luis Murillo/Flickr)

Youth Take: Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, so youth producer Molly Seitsema took to the halls of Cook County Schools to ask students a few questions. What are you planning on dressing up as this year?

Sean shares some of the movies to see -or not- this month (Roey Ahram/Flickr)

Sean's Movie Rundown: The October Edition

There are a lot of movies out in theaters right now, but which ones are worth seeing?

Siberian Peashurb (pverdonk/Flickr)

Sounds from science class: Ridding the school of Siberian Peashrub

During the month of October, the 10th graders at Cook County High School have been busy learning about invasive species, including one that grows right behind the school: Siberian Peashrub.

Image by h.koppdelaney via Flickr.

Youth Radio Project Interviews Members of the CCHS Cross Country Team.

The cross country season recently started up, so we talked to members of the CCHS cross country team, Roman Schnobrich and Matea Acero, on their practices, the races, and why they run on the team.

Grand Portage, Minnesota. Photo by joeldinda.

Youth at the Grand Portage National Monument

In this commentary, we hear from Daniel Ditmanson and Sarah Deschampe, young adults who work at the Grand Portage National Monument.