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Summer Job (jefzila/Flickr)

Youth Take: Summer Jobs

What sort of summer job did you have this year? The Youth Radio Project took to the halls of Cook County High School to figure out what sort of jobs students had and why they had them.

Runner (Sean Venn/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project interviews Cross Country Coach April Wahlstrom

For our "Back to School" show, Cook County Cross Country Coach April Wahlstrom joins the Youth Radio Project in studio to talk about the sport, the upcoming Cross Country season and the firs

School Room (Barbro Bjornemalm/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project interviews new CCHS teachers

The new school year starts on September 4th, and in honor of that, we hosted a special “Back to School” Youth Show.

The Heldrich Center for Workforce Development takes a closer look at college graduates & the recession (lesliebyk/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project interviews Heldrich Center on College Graduate Survey

In an effort to understand more about what college students get out of their education, this week we read a special study done by the John J.

Graduation (compujeramey/flickr)

Youth Radio Project: Will today's youth be as successful as their parents?

Will today's youth be more successful than their parents?  Michaela Peterson asks herself if she can be as successful as her parents in this commentary.

Teen Texting (zalouk webdesign/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project: Future of Youth

You have probably heard a lot recently about how the current youth generation will not have as good of a life as their parents.  Sterling Anderson of the Youth Radio Project disagrees.  Ster

Watching the Olympics (Bill Oriani/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project: Traditions

In America, we have many different traditions. Thanksgiving, the Olympics, the Superbowl. But how do we know when traditions should end?

Dragonboat (Stephan Hoglund)

Youth Radio interviews Dave & Ben Seaton on the Tradition of Dragonboat

Last Saturday, the traditional Dragonboat festival took place in the Grand Marais Harbor. Ben and David Seaton of Hungry Jack Outfitters participated in the race.

Grand Marais (Roy Luck/Flickr)

Youth Take: The Tradition of Fishermen's Picnic

Fishermen's Picnic is one of the biggest traditions in Cook County.

Christmas tunes...OK in July? (Chiot's Run/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project: Christmas In July

The tradition of Christmas isn’t something you think about much during the summertime.