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Czarina brings us an original poem, "Untitled Poem #2" (Photo by miyagisan/Flickr)

Untitled Poem #2

Czarina Crow is a WTIP Youth Radio Project producer, high school student and poet. In this feature, she shares a poem about death and saying goodbye.

Pep Band (Daniel M. Reck/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project: Pep Band

If you've ever been to a high school sports event, you've probably seen (and heard) the pep band. But what purpose do they really serve?

Mark Marxen takes a closer look at the wolf hunt for his Night of the Notorious project (Diane Hammond/Flickr)

Night of the Notorious: Mark Marxen on the wolf hunt

Is a wolf hunt good wolf population management? College in the Schools Writing student Mark Marxen is taking a closer look at this topic for his Night of the Notorious project.

8th graders share their "This I Believe" essays (churl/Flickr)

8th Grade "This I Believe" Essay Readings: Part 3

Teacher Sarah Malkovich has been working with her students over the past few weeks to write "This I Believe" essays as part of her 8th grade exploratory class.

Czarina brings us an original poem, "Untitled" (Photo by matryosha/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project: An Untitled Poem

Youth producer Czarina Crow hosts and engineers the Saturday Youth Radio Project Mix show. She also writes original poetry, which she occasionally shares with us on the air.

Cloud Cult (ararejul/Flickr)

Youth bring indie band Cloud Cult to Silver Bay

This weekend, reknowned indie band Cloud Cult will perform at the William Kelley High School Auditorium in Silver Bay, and the young people on the Northern Lake County Arts Board were instrumental in

Should students involved in extracurricular activities be tested for drug use? (Charles Kaiser/Flickr)

Night of the Notorious: Katie Vander Heiden on student drug testing

Should high schoolers participating in extracurricular activities be drug tested? College in the Schools Writing student Katie Vander Heiden will be looking into that question in the coming weeks.

WTIP over the Thanksgiving Holiday

Youth producer Michaela Peterson checks in over Thanksgiving

Over the holiday week, Youth Radio Project producer Michaela Peterson was on the road with her family, headed to St. Louis, Missouri.

Czarina Crow

Youth producer Czarina Crow shares an original poem

Many people might not know this, but Youth Radio Project member Czarina Crow is quite the poet.