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Musher at Much for a Cure (by Stephan Hoglund)

Wildersmith March 18

After an upper Trail weekend of barking and angling, peaceful celestial events take center stage for residents and visitors.

Melting Snow

Wildersmith March 11

The season of cold and white is in a mellowing mood as March, week two concludes.

Logging Skidder

Points North: Understanding School Trust Lands

Among the land conservation issues likely to be addressed by the Legislature during this session will be state trust lands and the revenue they produce for schools.

Saw-Whet Owl

The Saw Whet Is Our Smallest Owl

The smallest owl in our north woods is the saw whet. Even though it’s only eight inches tall, it’s quite common and often seen and heard in our conifer forests.

Red Fox

The Sometimes Secretive, Sometimes Obvious Red Fox

Chel Anderson is a botanist and plant ecologist. She lives here in Cook County and joins us periodically to talk about phenology or what’s going on in the woods right now. Welcome, Chel.

Red Squirrel in the Snow

Wildersmith March 4

Enter March, what happened to February? As the territory heads into month three, the atmospheric conditions have been less than lamb-like.

Spring Renewal

Points North: Soon Enough, Winter Will Be A Memory

Spring is in the air and my angler friends are stirring.

Red Fox

Laughs, Lies and Pillowcases: My Winter Toolbox

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where we ricochet between spring mush and winter ice within the space of a long weekend. I prefer mush.

Icy Road

Wildersmith February 25

February’s end is in sight, and with it, the weather has yo-yoed since we last met. The thaw that we missed in January caught up with folks in the northland during week three.