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Youth Radio Project Show

Youth Radio Project

Commentary & interviews from a youth perspective

The Youth Radio Project Show is hosted, engineered and produced by students living in the Cook County area. Tune in each week to hear fresh interviews, commentaries and features, all from a youth perspective. Support for WTIP’s Youth Radio Project comes in part from the state of Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

What's On:
CC Middle School Geography Bee 2013

School News from Cook County Middle School, January 11

The National Geographic society holds a national contest each year.

Daniel Ditmanson

School News from Sawtooth Mtn. Elementary, December 17

Daniel Ditmanson, a former graduate of Cook County High School, wants to become a teacher.

Sawtooth Mountain Elementary School

School News from Sawtooth Elementary, December 10

There's a lot going on at Sawtooth Mountain Elementary School! This week, WTIP Youth Radio Project producers Sterling Anderson and Kara Ramey bring us the latest school news.

Nurse Kay Borud

School News from Cook County Middle School, November 30

The state of MN requires record of all immunizations. Have your children received all of their shots?