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WTIP's Summer 2011 Intern Annela Rova has a Rewarding Experience

Annela Rova joined WTIP as an intern for the summer of 2011, and had a rewarding experience. During her time with WTIP, Annela gained experience conducting interviews, running the broadcast equipment, preparing and reading the weather and announcements, serving as a program co-host, and producing a feature story.
“It was an amazing experience,” Annela says.

In addition to specific skills, Annela learned about the importance of community radio. “I learned that it’s not about the station; it’s about the community that supports it.”

Annela believes that her experience will serve her well in her career. “The biggest thing I learned,” she says, “is that you don’t have to be cut-throat. You can be genuine and sincere, and really care about the people and the stories. Seeing that this still exists in the world is very encouraging.”

Listen to an interview with Annela about her experience with WTIP.