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WTIPs First Thursday to explore a 4-day school week

Board member Leonard Sobanja leads a 4-day discussion group
Board member Leonard Sobanja leads a 4-day discussion group

WTIPs First Thursday Community Conversation will continue the discussion on “Cook County Schools and the 4-Day Week” 6pm June 3. You’re invited to join the conversation with questions and comments during the broadcast, or send them in ahead of time. The number to call is 387-1070 or 1-800-473-9847. Our email address is
Last month Cook County Schools ISD166 held five information meetings throughout the county on possible adoption of a 4-day school week. Join Jay Andersen and Barbara Jean Johnson as they discuss a 4-day schedule with District Superintendent Beth Schwarz, School Board Chair Bill Huggins, School Board member Rod Wannebo and teachers Jane Gellner and Betsy Jorgenson.
Currently there are four Minnesota school districts with a 4-day week. It’s estimated that by next year there will be at least ten. Neighboring Lake Superior School District just voted to go to a 4-day schedule in the fall for Two Harbors and Silver Bay schools.
“Cook County Schools and the 4-Day week”. First Thursday Community Conversation 6pm, June3. Only on WTIP North Shore Community Radio.