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WTIP station manager Deb Benedict named Citizen of the Year

Deb and Ardie
Deb and Ardie

Deb Benedict, executive director of WTIP, was named Cook County 2012 Citizen of the Year at the Grand Marais Lions Club Fisherman's Picnic today. Her partner is Jim Raml. Her mom, Ardie Lien, also lives in Grand Marais.

Under Deb’s leadership, the station has grown to over 1,000 members, and numbers over 75 on-air volunteers and 10 staff. WTIP consistently receives national recognition for its focus on building community, which drives all aspects of station operations. It's fair to say that Deb has been and continues to be the primary reason for the enormous growth and success of WTIP.

Deb is constantly thinking of ways for WTIP to bring the community together through collaborating with other organizations, involving a wide variety of individuals and groups, and providing a place where people can share information and ideas. She makes Cook County a better, warmer place through her leadership and her open, positive, and welcoming attitude for all.