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Wildersmith: The Month of the "Half Way," Moon Marks Mid-Summer

Photo by J. Pellgen on Flickr
Photo by J. Pellgen on Flickr

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Our northern summer is in full stride now. The month of the “full buck” or “half way” moon (Aabito-Niibino Giizis) signals the beginning of the wind down of 2011.
An exciting holiday weekend is expected along the Trail as America celebrates another Independence Day.
June bade farewell after Mother Nature provided some much needed rain to the parched Gunflint Territory. Although rainfall amounts last week did not match that which was dropped in southern parts of the county, it was nevertheless a blessing in regard to temporarily stemming wildfire danger. At Wildersmith, the rain gauge measured just over eight-tenths of an inch.
With one of the warm months now under our belts, many folks are happy that we escaped some of those miserable hot days. As an example of just how wonderfully cool it has been during month six, the water temp at our Gunflint Lake dock is barely out of the 50s. If we can just get by another 60 without blistering, both the moose and I will be quite satisfied.
Floral displays along the byway are magnificent, with a drift of daisies now infiltrating the roadside buttercups, wild roses, hawkweed and lupine. It’s show time for sure, and a trip out the Trail to view such will be refreshing as a summer rainbow.
Good news comes from the Chik-Wauk loon nesting platform. At this writing, the pair has settled back in after losing their first reproduction effort to an eagle. They have been sitting on the nest for a little over a week. Many interested folks are keeping their fingers crossed for a hatching sometime in the third week of July.
I’m not sure what’s going on in the bug business. The area is experiencing a second coming of those nasty black flies. They are usually done and gone by this time so now we are getting a double whammy of blood-sucking critters.
I talked to a couple local gals recently that were in full agreement that my idea of a good freeze would be right, even if it is only month seven. The black fly resurgence can only be justified if there are more blueberries to be pollinated and I believe that that job has already been done.
The annual North Shore Health Care Foundation barbeque was held this past Sunday evening at Gunflint Lodge. Another scrumptious meal was presented by the Lodge staff. Attendees were entertained by the joyful playing of Loon Lake resident Gerald Thilmany in a splendid lakeside setting.
The Gunflint Trail Historical Society is readying for their annual shore lunch fundraiser Monday, July 11. The fish fry extravaganza, provided by Guide Dennis Todd in concert with the Gunflint Lodge, will be held at the Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center site beginning at noon.
The Society will be holding their regular monthly meeting following lunch, with a visit from IRRB commissioner Tony Sertich. After his presentation, there will be a time for sharing stories of the Trail. Wannabe members are welcome. Plan a day of it, visit the historical gem at the end of the Trail and get in on some great shore-side food!
Keep on hangin’ on, and savor some wilderness magic!