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Wildersmith on the Gunflint: July 19th

Water drops on blades of grass
Water drops on blades of grass

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Both July and summer are flying by. Having missed the past couple weeks of bringing the Gunflint scoop to you, it’s good to be back home in the woods.
            After a visit with family in Iowa, it was easy to reconcile living in the realm of 48 degrees north following the days of heat and humidity down that way. It seems that some of the nasty humidity even followed the Smiths back since it it’s been a bit on the sticky side over the past few days.
            I was pleasantly surprised to find a little over an inch of liquid in the rain gauge upon our return.  And this past Sunday, Mother Nature saw fit to bless us with about another 2 1/2 centimeters. Thus far July has accumulated slightly over 2 inches in the Wildersmith neighborhood.
            This is just so welcome out this way! While many areas of our great country have been swearing at the copious amounts of rain and flooding over recent weeks, we who live on the edge of wildfire danger for many months of the year are extremely grateful for anything wet to moisten this precious forest resource. Rain certainly never dampens our spirits!
            Lake water temps have warmed to a more than comfortable range for recreational dipping. It seems unreal that only eight weeks ago the ice went out, and the possibility exists that in another eight weeks we could see flakes in the air.
Here at the Gunflint dock, last Sunday’s lake reading was 74 degrees. Good for us humans but not too satisfying for those denizens of the deep who prefer cold northern waters.
            Fish catching has been spotty to good depending upon the time, place and skill level. A recent hatching of mayflies must be affecting their appetites for things on the end of a hook, as my visiting grandsons are finding the harvest numbers frustrating.
            Speaking of other hatching things, the ongoing battle with mosquitos has surged in these parts since our return. During last Sunday’s rain the stinging urchins were in a particularly foul mood.
Due to the excess and toughness of these nasty north woods antagonists, it makes me wonder if maybe they might have been more appropriately suited for selection as our state flying critter. Just kidding of course, but I’m betting they annoy the loons too!
The charge of Mother Nature never ceases to amaze.  The changes in the flora along the Mile O Pine and other back country roads since our southerly trek are nothing short of remarkable.  Roadside grasses have grown to nearly head high and are proceeding toward going to seed. Meanwhile, the candles of new growth on the coniferous branches have already matured into hearty stems and next generation evergreen stylus.
Early summer blooms are running to seed as well, and those next in line to flower are bidding for rays to allow their turn in our northern sun. It’s a glorious, virid jungle out here!
Gunflint Trail Historical Society members are reminded of the Clearwater Lake historic cabin tour this coming Sunday, July 21. Organizers report that only a few tickets remain. If interested, members can call Lee Zopff promptly at 388-4465 to secure a reservation. This event should be a splendid trip back in time. See you there!
From Wildersmith and all points beyond, congrats and thanks to the over 300 parties who pledged their support during the WTIP Shine On membership drive last week. The tremendous support for your community radio station is both heartwarming and energizing!
 The station’s board of directors, staff and volunteers are deeply appreciative of the many kind words expressed during the fund drive. Because you pledged, we also pledge to continue growing this air waves gem in the Arrowhead with quality programming!
Keep on hangin’ on, and savor the fleeting summer!   
             Photo by Belinda Rain via Wikimedia Commons: Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.