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Wildersmith on the Gunflint: August 23th

Gunflint Trail Historical Society
Gunflint Trail Historical Society

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            After a few weeks of pre-autumn weather, Mother Nature hath taken it away. The earlier part of this segment has seen the north woods atmosphere returned to more seasonal times, warm and sticky.
            Our regular delivery of moisture has also been withdrawn by her “highness.” Here at Wildersmith, we have measured a measly 5/100ths over the past 10 days. 
So the forest floor is getting somewhat crunchy underfoot. And as we are drawing down on vacation season under a waning full “blueberry moon,” everyone should be cautioned to use care and common sense with regard to campfires throughout Gunflint realm.
The Trail was alive with the “Sound of Music” this past Saturday, as the first ever classical chamber music concert took center stage on the Gunflint Community activity calendar.  With the site being no Carnegie Hall, one would never have known it as all were consumed by stunning performances in the Gunflint woods at the Schaap Community Center facility, mid-Trail.
Enough cannot be said for the wisdom of some dedicated Gunflint Trail Historical Society members in conjuring up such a wonderful idea of bringing classical music to un-organized territory. Special thanks are extended to all involved in putting this splendid fund raising event together for the Society.
A sell-out crowd of some 150 (the facility would hold no more) was wowed by eight superbly gifted professionals. Several local artists were joined by others from both the Twin Cities and Chicago. Virtuoso performances engulfed the simple hall as calming breezes caressed attendees on a spectacular north woods afternoon.
 With a long line of professional performing credits, these musicians donated their time and talents to add a touch of class to our tough as nails wilderness surroundings. Both the Society and an enthusiastic crowd of area friends and neighbors are grateful for these highly skilled folks making this a marvelous border country experience. Hopefully this event will not be a one-time shot!
If this great happening wasn’t enough from the energetic GTHS folks, they will be holding their annual pie and ice cream social Labor Day weekend, Sunday, Sept. 1. As usual the sweet tooth event is happening on the grounds at Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., and is a fundraiser for continuing Chik-Wauk operations.
This is a great time for a trek up the Trail to catch some early leaf peeping.  It’s also an opportunity to pay a visit to the museum for a look at the new temporary Boostrom pioneer exhibit and the new little theater production. And, along with viewing other attractions that might have been missed on a previous occasion, maybe do a little hiking too.
Any Gunflint resident willing to volunteer assistance in setting up the facility or better yet, donate your favorite pie creation, should give Sally Valentini a call at 388-0900 ASAP.
Fall is a time of gathering for all species. The first animals in this northern part of the universe seem to be getting at the ritual early.
 The rodent folks around the yard have already begun the harvest process. My gnawing red-coated friends are busy cutting both white and red pine cones from high in the forest, and are also trimming those succulent seed clusters from our white cedars.
 Meanwhile, their striped chipmunk cousins are doing their thing as well. It seems they are picking up the dropped scraps from the squirrels and scurrying off for storage bunkers wherever on a never-ending basis.
It’s a busy time around the Wildersmith nectar station for the hummingbirds too.  Guess they must be building up for the coming departure from border country international airport on to the next chapter of their jet-set lives.
One more thought comes to mind on another member of our wild neighborhood.  We’d all better be paying attention to the Brunos. They will soon be scavengers of unsecured garbage nooks as their fattening up time commences. So humans beware!
Keep on hangin’ on and savor a north woods venture!