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Wildersmith on the Gunflint: August 16th

berries of summer
berries of summer

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            It’s pleasing to be back at the keyboard in border country.  It sure is great to be home in unorganized territory after two weeks of spending time in Iowa with family.
The hubbub of civilization surely makes one appreciate the magic we have up here in the wilderness. The solitude of looking out into the marvelous natural world around us far exceeds the best urban life has to offer. In spite of metropolitan proximity to 21st-century amenities, the culture shock of countless people driving vehicles in uncountable directions and house after house after house is way too consuming any more for this old duffer. Guess I just belong in the woods!
I can’t help but reflect on the recent blog post of our Trail neighbor, Sue Ahrendt, over at Tuscarora. Her articulation about lost life in the nearby BWCA forest, coupled with the loss of a good Gunflint friend and neighbor over the past weeks, puts into perspective the precious experience of savoring life in the wilderness. Our hearts reach out to the loved ones and friends as they agonize with this sadness.
On a happier note, our return to Wildersmith and the Trail corridor found us easing into fall. The onset of my second favorite time of the year (winter is always number one) has me energized with anticipation of the Technicolor show about to unfold.
An initial sign of the season comes as the dogbane has taken on its golden glow. I also noted that a couple immature maple trees have recognized the dwindling number of daylight minutes and are sporting some early autumnal foliage.
Although we will likely have some warm Indian summer days ahead, a couple nights where the temps dipped into the high 30s have added accent to what the flora is telling us. The splendor of autumn along the international border is peeking over the horizon with yet a month remaining until the calendar declaration.
A gal down the road is sputtering about the cool trend as she can no longer stand the temperature of the lake water for her daily dip. Water temps here on the Gunflint Gal are falling through the 60s. So it really gets one’s attention upon that first entry.
With two weeks of month eight into the books, it’s a “berry” good time of year. Added to the glorious blueberry crop, raspberries, thimbleberries, service berries, high bush cranberries and the like are coming on fast. Another sign of the times are those magnificent scarlet rosehips. Patches of those red ovals stand out like holiday decorations along back country roads while clumps of mountain ash tree fruit are rapidly gaining their ripened hue.
A visit to a swell friend down the road, who might be the Queen of blueberry pickers, found us coming home the other day with a fine pouch of those blue pearls. This gift of blue-black jewels may not quite equal winning the recent $425 million Power Ball, but a bit of blue heaven nonetheless.
The annual Mid-Trail fund raiser on behalf of the Volunteer Fire and Rescue crews was reported as a huge success last week. The flea market, gift boutique and auction resulted in a fine donation of some $10,000 to the Volunteer coffers. Congratulations and thanks to the organizers, donors and community members for their hard work and ongoing commitment to this worthy cause.
 By the way, the quilt raffle associated with the event found a local gal holding the winning ticket. Judy Ross, who has a cabin on Little Ollie Lake, took home the Mid-Trail Quilters work of art. Congrats to Judy!
            This Saturday the 17th marks the first chamber music concert ever on the Trail. Earlier in this week, I was informed the musicale is a near sell-out with only a few tickets remaining. 
If any folks are still interested in being audience to this special event, it would be well to call the Chik-Wauk Museum ASAP, 388-9915, as only hours are left before the performance.
            The Gunflint Woods, Winds & Strings program will commence at 4 p.m. in the Schaap Mid-Trail Community Center. A “Meet the Artists” reception will follow.
            Keep on hangin’ on, and savor the autumnal preview!

{photo by Angelo Juan Ramos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons}