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Wildersmith August 31

"With the cool, wisps of wood smoke will soon be wafting through the woods foretelling of the magical fall changes in store..."

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The Gunflint bids farewell to month eight under a full gaze from that “old man in the moon.” The past chapter of 2012 has quickly trudged off into the history book, beginning in a full lunar experience, and taking a curtain call with another gleaming glimpse of “his Fullness.”
A little bit of summer angst surged in the final week of August. The sticky warm-up even prompted a resurgence of some those bitin’ bugs, mosquitoes, yuck!
Enter, and welcome September! The month of the wild rice moon now offers hope for a few frosty mornings in the northland. With the cool, wisps of wood smoke will soon be wafting through the woods foretelling of the magical fall changes in store.
Remembering a favorite saying about this special place is that “it’s only cool, when it’s cool” yours truly is anxious for that first visit from Jack, the man, Frost. Nobody does it better, when it comes to interior decorating of our Gunflint forest.
During the past week, only a smattering of heavenly moisture has fallen in the territory. That which has accumulated in select spots is barely enough to wet one’s whistle.
Around the Wildersmith neighborhood, our rain gauge has caught drops that have been measured only in a few hundredths. So we are kissing August goodbye and offering little remorse for her rapid passing, since she has put us back into that drought mode.
Perhaps with September’s call, rainmaking will be in the cards so that the area can begin soil soaking in advance of winter’s freeze-up. Nature’s flora need wet feet before going dormant to avoid adversity when next spring unfolds.
Another of September’s call comes in the clanging of the school bell. The last hurrah of summer is front and center this weekend with the big Labor Day holiday. Many of the seasonal residents of the area will be calling it a season.
School days will be beckoning this coming Tuesday, for not only our Gunflint kids, but also all of those vacationing folks. So it’s best wishes for the coming year, and hit those books with a vengeance!
We had some rough seas here on Gunflint Lake last Sunday. It was one of those days when common sense would tell you that it’s best to not take chances in a watercraft of any kind.
Yet the wonders of ignorance will never cease as one of those self-appointed experts decided that he could handle anything the old Gal had to offer. While the up lake trip to Bridal Falls with the wind and waves was tolerable, I’m told the return voyage against the bashing torrents turned to be a harrowing experience.
In the end, this terrified family was finally able to pull into shore safety just a couple docks down the line as the bucking waves were beginning to fill the boat. Thank goodness a potential tragedy was averted!
Neighbors helped the frightened family get back to their point of departure. This surely had to be a hard lesson learned by the decision-makers’ risky undertaking. You don’t mess with Mother Nature, or more specifically, with an angry Gunflint Gal. Some folks will just never learn!
Bald Eagle sightings are not unusual here on the Gunflint, but when they happen several days in succession right over the Wildersmith dock, and at a low altitude, there has to be a reason. The sudden appearance of this splendid bird is sure to be caused by the discovery of an animal carcass that probably zigged when it should have zagged. 
This apparent wilderness fast food establishment seems to be drawing raves from many hungry beings of the wild neighborhood. Such enthusiasm is heard through the woods from a collection of raucous avian voices, including this eagle that makes a daily, back and forth flight along the mid-Gunflint Lake shoreline to share in the sustenance.
The Gunflint corridor is so blessed to have such an active and caring group of volunteer protectors; I’m referring of course, to our EMTs and firefighters. The EMTs recently offered both new and refresher training to the public in CPR.
Several folks along the Gunflint have participated and found the time to be well spent. The instruction was most beneficial and professionally taught. I would encourage others in the territory to take advantage of these opportunities whenever they are extended. The training might just save a life!
Keep on hangin’ on, and savor a September song!

Airdate: August 31, 2012

Photo courtesy of Travis Wiens via Flickr.