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Three 1% sales tax projects discussed at county board

Powers, Johnson & Martinson look at Birch Grove Rec plans
Powers, Johnson & Martinson look at Birch Grove Rec plans

At Tuesday’s county board meeting, commissioners discussed the status of three projects slated to use a portion of the 1% sales tax voted on back in November 2009. The tax has been collected by the state’s Department of Revenue since April.
Commissioner Bob Fenwick said a steering committee is in place for the new Community Center project. The committee will meet this week. Commissioner Bruce Martinson showed off plans for a recreation project at Birch Grove Center.
He said originally West End planners had wanted to use 1% funds for an expanded parking lot, however they have found alternative funding and are looking to use sales tax dollars to help cover the cost of tennis courts and a hockey rink.
Board Chair Fritz Sobanja, who sits on the library board, told fellow commissioners the group is closing in on a 1% proposal. They are looking for additional funding for a project currently priced at $700,000.
Commissioners will fine tune a bonding application form for 1% project backers to fill out. The form will help commissioners determine how and under what circumstances bonding for projects would be appropriate.