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Station Efforts

WTIP reaches beyond the airwaves, embracing our role in the community and using our position as a trusted community asset to increase the well-being of the area. 

Over the past year, WTIP: 

  • Partnered with area organizations, including the Gunflint Trail Association, the Art Colony, the Health Care Foundation and North House Folk School to broadcast remotely from their events in the county. 
  • Partnered with area organizations to form Cook County Community Conversations, an on-line forum for sharing insights and perspectives on issues that affect our community. This new forum is a safe, civil and informative platform for residents and visitors of Cook County to discuss issues that affect them.
  • Partnered with area organizations to organize a successful “One Community: One Book” project, which brought community members together around a shared theme.
  • Partnered with area organizations to organize the Annual Dragon Boat Festival, which is designed to help build community and contribute to the economic stability of the area.
  • Hosted the Radio Waves Music Festival to showcase local talent and bring community members together for a day of music and community. 
  • Became part of the Cook County Emergency Services organizations to help organize and lead in communication efforts during an emergency.
  • Partnered with area organizations to create the community’s first Community Garden on site at WTIP to provide community members with space to grow their own food.

These efforts are examples of WTIP’s dedication to serving our listeners, both on and off the air.