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State archaelogists to map historical sites using remote sensing technology

Scott Anfinson at Stonehenge
Scott Anfinson at Stonehenge

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The state of Minnesota has begun using remote sensing technology to find and map state archaeological sites by airplane, including along the North Shore. WTIP's Deb Benedict spoke with state archaeologist Scott Anfinson about how the technology works and what sort of things they have discovered so far.

Minnesota state archeologist Scott Anfinson, along with Melanie Riley fellow at the Office of the Iowa State Archaeologist, are leading the nation by inputting LiDAR survey data into a computer program to determine the exact locations (within a foot) of burial mounds.

While this technology has been applied to sites of international fame including Stonehenge and Hopewell, this is the first time it is being applied statewide. Portions of the survey are already in process with archeologists discovering more than 80 burial mounds plus early settler dugouts. Surveys will be complete in 2012.

For more information on Legacy projects, visit the Minnesota Historical Society website.