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"Sled Dogs to St. Paul" musher Frank Moe talks about journey

Frank Moe - Sled Dogs to St. Paul
Frank Moe - Sled Dogs to St. Paul

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Billed as "Sled Dogs to St. Paul: The Race to Protect Minnesota from Copper Sulfide Mining and Acid Discharge Pollution," Cook County musher Frank Moe left Grand Marais by doglsed on Thursday, March 1st carrying petitions to the state capitol with more than 13,000 signatures asking State and Federal authorities deny any permits for sulfide mining that will threaten Minnesota's water or natural resources.  

After spending a week on the trail and travelling more than 350 miles, Moe arrived at the state capitol on Monday, March 8th.  Moe is back home in Cook County now, and he stopped by the WTIP studios on Monday, March 12th to talk about the experience and why he did it.  

(Click on audio mp3 above to hear the interview with Frank Moe)