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School News


School News is a WTIP feature that airs during North Shore Morning and North Shore Digest weekdays during the school year. Students gather news about the happenings and activities in their school, create a news report, and then record the report which is broadcast on WTIP.

Every week students from all the schools in Cook County report School News.

In the photo to the left, Great Expectations students gather around microphones to record a song for School News. In the photo to the right, Great Expectations students report School News on the second day of school, Sept. 7, 2011.


What's On:
Billy Mills

School News from Cook County Middle School, November 16

CC MS News MP3 15 November.mp318.27 MB

It’s National Native American Heritage Month. Cook County Middle School students celebrated this event with a visit from Olympian Billy Mills. Learn more in this edition of CCMS News.

Sawtooth Mountain Elementary School

School News from Sawtooth Elementary, November 12

Sawtooth MP3 News 8 November.mp36.17 MB

With the spirit of election still in the air, 4th and 5th grade students in Ms. Livingston’s and Ms. Viren’s classes shared what they would want to do if elected President.  In this edition of Sawtooth Elementary School News, students share their ideas.

Middle School Teacher Sarah Malkovich

School News from Cook County Middle School, November 9

CC MS MP3 News 8 November.mp311.79 MB

Personal Choices is a new Exploratory class for Cook County Middle School Students. In this edition of School News, new instructor Sarah Malkovitch tells us more about what this class is all about and her impressions so far.

Cook County Schools

School News from Cook County Middle School, November 2

CC MS News 1 November MP3.mp38.06 MB

Through the cooperation of Cook County Schools and Grand Portage Education, Cook County Middle School is now offering Ojibwe language classes to all 8th grade students.  In this edition of Cook County Middle School News, Ojibwe instructor Tom Jack tells us about the new classes.