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Scenic Route

"The Scenic Route" features local and regional music (fensterbme/Flickr)

  • Friday 4-5pm
Local & Regional Music

A showcase of local and regional music.

What's On:
Kevin Kling

Storyteller Kevin Kling on Scenic Route

Kevin Kling is a treasured storyteller and author from Osseo, MN known for being a regular commentator on Minnesota Public Radio's All Things Considered. Performing at the Gunflint Lodge with esteemed accordionist Simone Perrin, he joins host Will Moore by phone to talk about the duo, connecting with audiences, and distinct Minnesotan traits.


Charlie Parr

Charlie Parr talks about mental health awareness concert

Last week saw a number of notable Northland musicians come out in support of a concert supporting mental health awareness put on by LetsTalk MN. Charlie Parr headlined the show.  In this interview he talks about the show and where people can find resources, as well as his own struggles with clinical depression. He also touches on touring in support for his latest album Dog.


Dan Israel

Dan Israel talks "You're Free" on Scenic Route

Dan Israel hails from St. Louis Park and has been a prolific performer and songwriter in the Twin Cities since the 1990s. His 14th album "You're Free", has an apt title, precipitating out of the decision to finally quit his job at the state legislature to commit to music full time. He tells Will Moore about the process and effects of that decision and the influences of the record's sound.



Sound engineer Jerry Lavigne on Scenic Route

If you've ever been to a large music event on the North Shore, chances are the sound you were hearing was at the control of Jerry Lavigne, a Silver Bay based sound mixer known most as the live music engineer at Papa Charlie's in Lutsen. Will Moore sits down with Jerry to learn how he began his career and what it takes to make a live performance sound great. 


L to R: Frankie Lee, David Huckfelt, Dave Simonett at Papa Charlie's.

David Huckfelt, Dave Simonett, and Frankie Lee on Sidetracks.

The second hour of Monday's Sidetracks with Will Moore was crashed by three great Minnesota songwriters: David Huckfelt of The Pines, Dave Simonett of Trampled by Turtles, and Frankie Lee. Huckfelt was recently an artist in residence on Isle Royale, where he wrote his upcoming album Stranger Angels . He and Dave Simonett perform a few songs from the record live on-air. The three guests also guest DJed in the second half of the hour.

Listen to the live interview and music with Dave and David below. A link to the full show including the guest DJ picks can be found at under April 2.


Laura Sellner

Laura Sellner of Superior Siren on WTIP

Laura Sellner of Duluth fronts the band Superior Siren, a group of four women known for their "eerie folk" sound that reflects the haunting and icy feel of the Great Lake of their namesake. She joins Will Moore on a special Saturday music session ahead of a show at the Wunderbar in Grand Marais.


Wunderbar logo

Open Stage nights starting at Wunderbar

The Wunderbar in Grand Marais recently started a weekly Open Stage series on Sunday evenings, hosted by Joe Paulik and Pat Flack, for anyone who wants a chance to perform a song, poem, dance, or display other talents. Joe and Jennifer Trowbridge of the Wunderbar join Will Moore on the Scenic Route to give more info.


Chan Poling

Chan Poling of The Suburbs on The Scenic Route

Chan Poling is best known as the keyboardist and vocalist for iconic Twin Cities band The Suburbs, but more recently has been involved with The New Standards jazz trio and a number of musical theatre projects at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. He joins Will Moore by phone ahead of a Suburbs show at Papa Charlie's to talk about the band's newest album "Hey Muse", forming The Suburbs, helping create the "Minneapolis sound" and much more. 


Tim Kingstrom and Dante Leyva of Space Monkey Mafia

Space Monkey Mafia plays loud and live on Scenic Route

Space Monkey Mafia is a mighty and energizing six-piece band from the Twin Cities mixing rock, punk, and ska influences. Their debut album "Sorry for Your Time" is released March 23rd. Ahead of a weekend of shows at Grand Marais' Gunflint Tavern, they join Will Moore on the Scenic Route to talk about the new release and playing gigs and festivals throughout the region.

Featured musicians:

Blake Foster - guitar/vocals
Dante Leyva - sax/vocals
Tim Kingstrom - sax/vocals
Joe Barron - bass
Riley Jacobson - drums

Special thanks to Aren for sound mixing.


James Everest at Harbor Park in February

James Everest talks "sound garden" and new Roma di Luna on Scenic Route

James Everest is a musician and artist who is no stranger to bringing his work to the North Shore.

He performed with his group BLACKFISH and performance company Catalyst for a series of dance and storytelling performances at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts in 2014-2015. Now he's returning to Grand Marais with a "sound garden". This coming Memorial Day weekend, his project will transform all of Harbor Park into a 3-D sonic space for visitors to walk through and experience.

He is also a member of the Minneapolis based band Roma di Luna, who are releasing their first record since 2011 in May. He talks with host Will Moore about the process of recording that album, along with everything that the sound garden will entail.