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Saturday Morning Story

Rose Arrowsmith-Decoux

Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux

For many years Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux lived at the end of the Gunflint Trail. She is a professional storyteller and actor and shared her talents with WTIP through  “Saturday Morning Story” telling both original and traditional tales.

Learn more about Rose at her website.

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What's On:

Senor Coyote

A classic trickster tale about Coyote. From Mexico.


Why Dogs Sniff Each Other's Tails

This is a Native American story found in a number of tribes. Thanks to Dovie Thompson for sharing.


Why Turtle has Cracks in his Shell

A "pourquois" tale from Africa. Thanks to the Wonder Weavers for teaching it to me.



A Swedish story about love.


The Emperor's New Clothes

One of my favorite H. C. Andersen tales from Denmark.


Three Wishes

A Swedish folktale with possibilities for many adaptations.


Anansi and Turtle

Anansi is a trickster. That means he can represent the best, but most often the worst in us. He is greedy, self-serving, and always hungry. I heard this African tale at Tellabration from Jerry Blue.


Jack Fox and the Leprechaun

I married an Irishman and finally have more claim to the wonderful tales of the Emerald Isle. This classic leprechaun story of course has the leprechaun come out on top in the end. But I felt that there is always a silver lining and added my own warm and wooly twist.


Nail Broth

This version is from Sweden; in many other forms of "Stone Soup" the traveler takes advantage of the local(s)'  foolishness. I prefer the tramp's benevolence and transformation of the old woman's stinginess toward herself. This perhaps my most favorite story to tell.


Tante Odette and the Talking Cat

A voyageur tale for the Arrowhead! Tante Odette is very like the old woman in "Nail Broth," though the stories are from different cultures and continents.