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Refurbished Gunflint Trail signs back in place

The historic Gunflint Trail signs in downtown Grand Marais are back in place after getting  much needed facelifts.  The refurbished Voyageur and Bear signs, which date back to the 1950's, were installed on Friday, September 13th.  

The effort to repair the deteriorating signs was led by the Gunflint Trail Historical Society, and spearheaded by John Schloot of Cross River Lodge.  Funds were provided by the Cook County Historical Society, the City of Grand Marais, Cook County, and Arrowhead Electric Cooperative.  Local artisan Yarrow Korf did the repair work.

According to John Schloot, the stone walls on which the signs rest were erected in the 1930's by either the WPA or CCC, while the signs themselves date back to the 1950's.  Schloot also commented on the colors used on the signs, saying he and Korf worked together to come up with a more "historic and proper" color scheme.