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Nosey Rosey January 1

Moose Tracks (by Beeblebrox on wikimedia)
Moose Tracks (by Beeblebrox on wikimedia)

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Aaahhh-Roooooo! This is Nosey Rosey for WTIP comyooonity radio with news from the Gunflint Trail.

I think the moose who live near the Trail are starting their New Year’s Eve celebrations a little early. Moose really know how to have a good time I guess, or, they really are dumb.

Imagine a bunch of young bulls sitting in the middle of the forest, chewing sticks, trying to figure out what to do with their 12 hours of darkness.

(dull moose voices)

“Uhh, we could go find some different sticks to chew. Like maple sticks… I like maple sticks. Don’t you agree?”

“Nah, we did that last night.”

“Let’s go whack our antlers together and see if we can get rid of these things. They’re heavy, my neck hurts and they’re starting to itch.”

“Or we could lie here in the snow and be glad there are no blackflies.”

“Hey dudes! Let’s go lick the road and play chicken with the drivers!”

“Oh, Hey! Dudes, like it’s NEW YEARS EVE! Whoo whoo! Let’s go PAR-TAY!”

(Rosey’s voice)

This is all fine and good till someone gets hit. It’s probably some youthful rite of passage for the bulls.

(dull moose voice)

“Hey man did you see me dodge that last SUV? Call me twinkle toes.

“Yeah, and I better sharpen my hooves ‘cuz I nearly got creamed by that Prius. That would have been really embarrassing.”

(Rosey’s voice)

You can tell the moose that have experience with this sort of thing. They have a dispassionate air about them and grudgingly look into your headlights, do their best Eeyore impersonation, turn and walk off into the nearest trees. The rookies bolt, all knees and elbows, looking like some sort of weaving loom gone amuck. They run straight down the road away from that nasty, lighted beast. (Grrrrrr) At some point they realize a heart attack is near or perhaps they realize the folly of the whole thing and dive off into the forest.

What I really don’t understand is the mama moose with the two calves who are obviously too young for this kind of shenanigans. Bark Bark! Talk about starting them out on an unhealthy diet! Bark Bark! All that salt! Bark Bark! What kind of mother is she? Bark Bark! High blood pressure, dehydration and all that stuff, you know? Grrrrrrrr!

Aaand in the human news… (Ahem…)

All the winter resorts on the Trail are open. Trail Center, Gunflint Lodge and Bearskin are open for meals, which is good news for those wanting to go for a ride and a meal. Gunflint Lodge and Bearskin Lodge are offering dog sled rides this winter. You can go for a quick 15 minute ride or for a whole day. Those dogs are focused… Run, Sleep, Bark, Eat, repeat.

The ski trails are all groomed and have grrrreat snow pack. There are trails for every taste from woodsy back country trails to crazy pro level trails and lots in between.

My humans have been skiing several times and say they are loving the trails. They’re also looking forward to the annual full contact broomball game at Tuscarora so they can get hot, sweaty, cold and bruised.

And of course this weekend is the opening of butt freezing season… I mean ice fishing season… inside the Boundary Waters. There will be lots of people heading into the woods for lake trout and brookies at various places around the Gunflint Trail. Make sure to check your regulation books. The ice is pretty good on most lakes but the smart folks are riding snowmobiles closer to the shore. I’ve heard reports from about 5 inches to 14 inches of solid ice. Too bad it’ll also be cold. But then again, what would ice fishing be without a few frosty extremities? Brrrrrrr…

So it just goes ta show ya. Moose aren’t the only silly ones on the Gunflint Trail. To err is human but being just a little silly is universal when winter finally hits the Gunflint Trail.

Airdate: January 1, 2011