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Nosey Rosey Dec. 30, 2009

Most lakes up the trail are well frozen
Most lakes up the trail are well frozen

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Aaahh ROOOO!  This is Nosey Rosey for WTIP Comyoooonity radio, where even old dogs get air time.  (pant-pant) 

Did you know dogs don’t celebrate New Years Eve? (head –tilt) Maybe it’s because we can’t read calendars but mostly it’s because we realize it’s just another day. And like every other day in a dog’s life it is a celebration. We just know how to be excited about the little things. Woof- Woof!

Just seeing our humans when we wake up in the morning makes us whiiiine with excitement. And that first pat on the head or scratch behind the ear. WOW!  A quick trip outside to see who’s been by over night. A sniff here. A snuffle there and then… Wait for it… Kibble hitting stainless! Yessssssss.  Chow Time! Bark Bark Bark Bark Then off to the pile of drying coats and smelly boots by the door for a snooze… And it just gets better all day. Sigh.

Dogs and humans alike are excited to have more snow on the Gunflint Trail. Woof, woof. Mid-Trail has lots of snow and all the ski trails are in really good shape. The upper Gunflint has a bit less snow but enough to groom and ski. There are snowmobiles running around but I think the trails are still a bit thin so take it easy if you have a new sled.

Most of the lakes up the Trail are well frozen so ice-fisher-humans will be as safe as… well as safe as ice ever is. Grrrrr. I’m sure there will be lots of people drilling holes in ice and drowning minnows today and this weekend. There are changes in regulations for trout seasons and ice house identification so please call the local DNR if you have questions. There are “inconsistencies” in the DNR website and the regulation booklets so ask somebody who knows more about it than me. Trout regulations are likely to change again next year too. So much for simplification!  Hah!

One thing I’ve noticed this year is an increase in the wolf population around the Gunflint Trail. Yipes!  My friends up at Gunflint Lodge saw three big wolves trotting across the lake looking for a venison snack.  Some friends at mid-trail have wolves eating sunflower seeds from under their bird feeders and I’ve seen several wolves crossing the road closer to town.  Most of them look pretty healthy but at least one has a good case of mange. Yuck!

The foxes are sure looking healthy with their fluffy coats and big huge tails. I wish I had a tail like that! Although it would impede my wagging speed.

Mr. Fox has been visiting almost every night. I see his tracks on the road in the morning. He’s just sooo… Foxy! Sigh.

For all the talk of a declining moose herd, all the regular corners along the Gunflint Trail have a moose licking salt off the road or trotting off into the woods as the headlights give them away.  I hope they have a good winter. Please give ‘em a brake. We like our mooses.

Enjoy the longer days, the lovely snow and leftover cookies!

This is Nosey Rosey for WTIP co-myooo-nity  radio wishing you a happy and healthy new year.  Bark – Bark!