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Nosey Rosey April 30

2009 Ham Run
2009 Ham Run

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Aaah-Rooooo!  This is Nosey Rosey for WTIP coMYOOnitee radio with news from the Gunflint Trail.  Bark! Bark!

I just can’t stop wagging! I saw it! My first flower of the year!  RRRRRuff!  It was a little purple violet and boy was it tasty…

I mean… pretty…I mean… Ohh… Yes, I was looooking at it and snufffffling it and I just got carried away and I ate it. I’m kind of a chow hound. (whine) But they have this little sweet/spicy thing going. Have you ever tasted one? I’ll leave the rest of them alone, OK?

The trees up and down the Gunflint Trail are leafing out just a tiny bit right now. ‘A course down by the big lake you have leaves already, and that purrr-fect light green color is everywhere. (sigh) As you drive up the Trail from town the leaves get smaller but that won’t last long. They’re ready to burst out. Bark!

 I just love watching the hillsides turn that lovely green color, then the shade begins to fall over the sawwwft green grass. I especially love it when that one spot right by the office gets nice and shady and… I get… to take a nap there…(soft snore)

Ah, yes. Naps in the shade with just a bit of sun dappled by the quaking leaves with light breezes wafting about to keep the bugs at bay.  People are gently petting me so as not to disturb my peaceful slumber. (Sigh) Chasing squirrels… through…fields of purple violets…

What? Oh yes. Another thing bursting out is midges. We have ga-jillions of those things at our place. There are so many you can hear the Hummmmm overhead. They look a bit like mosquitoes but don’t bite and the birds love to eat ‘em. Especially the yellow rumped warblers. But the yellow rumped warblers haven’t arrived yet! Yipes! What will happen if all the midges are gone by the time they arrive?  What will they eat?  I don’t think they like violets. This early spring thing has some downsides too.

This weekend lots of folks will be wanting a nap in the sun after the Ham Run Half Marathon. You can still register till Saturday, May 1 and the run starts at 10 a.m. Sunday, May 2nd.  It’s 13.2 miles from the Gunflint Pines Resort on Gunflint Lake to Trail’s End campground at Saganaga Lake.  Traffic on the course will be limited for the safety of the runners so plan accordingly.

After the run there will be a yummy ham dinner for runners and their friends. I’m a friend. Do I get some?  Hmmm?  The Trail’s End Band will be playing and it’ll be a bunch of fun.  Then I’ll be taking a nap.

Next weekend is Gunflint Green Up!  This year we’ll be clearing out around all those little trees we’ve planted over the last three years. On Friday, May 7 there will be walks and talks, dinner, and Bill Lane talking about owls. He knows everything about owls. Who cooks for you…who cooks for you-all!  Saturday, May 8 people get to take care of all those trees so they get more sun and a good start on life.

You wouldn’t let your garden just go on its own and expect much, so we need to give our trees a little help too.  Saturday night is another dinner with music from the Sivertones and Trail’s End Band if you wanna shake your booty.  I just like to wag and not get stepped on. You can still register for Green Up too.

 It’s just makes you feel good to be part of a comyooomity where people get together and do fun things.  And it feels good to give something back to the forest that means so much to us all.  A big thanks and a congratulatory Bark! Bark! Bark! go out to all the people who organize and volunteer at these events.  We couldn’t do it without you.

Well, that’ll do it for this week.  This is Nosey Rosey for WTIP radio.  Bark bark!