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Nosey Rosey April 21

Wildfire sprinkler system
Wildfire sprinkler system

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Aah- ROOOOO!   This is Nosey Rosey for WTIP comyooo-ni-tee  radio with news from the Gunflint Trail.  Bark! Bark!

Let’s see…  Hmmm…  The ice is out from all the lakes…  all the snow is gone…  people have stopped calling to see if the ice is out…  I’ve had two ticks – one of them right on my nose…  and my dad has already been on a canoe trip…   It must be the end of May!

Guess again!  RRRRufff, It’s still April and boy is this weather weird - and dry! We’re several weeks ahead of normal spring weather – whatever that is. It’s kinda crispy out there right now.   (Whine)

I know two guys on the Trail who are busy as beavers right now. That’s George Carlson and Mike Valentini. Those guys and their crews are checking out fire sprinkler systems and installing new ones all over the place. I could hear them starting up pumps all around Hungry Jack Lake yesterday and I had to Bark Bark Bark, just to let them know I knew they were there. First there would be a pump running in this bay…  then a pump running on the other side of the lake…  then another one in another bay. Whoa! It was so confusing I had to take a nap in the sun. Snooore. Wah?  Oh…

The Forest Service and DNR have crews up and down the Trail just in case a fire breaks out, and my dad’s fire stuff is hanging right by the door. I think this weather reminds people a bit of the Ham Lake Fire – and it should. It should also remind people to be REALLY careful with anything that could start a fire.

I was out running with my dad a few days ago and saw four cigarette butts in the gravel along the side of the Gunflint Trail! Hey!  I don’t care if ya wanna smoke but keep yer butts in the car! RRRRRuuufff!   RRRRuffff!! Makes ya wanna take bite outta somebody’s butt!   Grrrrrr.

Oh, sorry…Can I say butt on the radio? Geez… I did it again…

Even the spark from an ATV exhaust or parking your car over long dry grass can start a fire. 

Of course there’s a fire ban on,  but it still allows the use of a stove for cooking in the woods or small campfires and grills at home. Even those can be a problem so Puh- Leeeeeease be careful.

Ok enough with the gloom, doom and FCC problems. 

The Puppy Willows are all fluffed out early this year and green stuff is popping up all over. It won’t be long before there are marsh marigolds in the wet spots and cherry blossoms on the cherry trees.  I guess they will be too early to even be wasted on the fisherman this year. But those first blossoms sure will feel like spring on the Gunflint Trail. 

It’s gonna be interesting to see how all this open water and warm weather will affect fishing opener, considering some years we have to break ice to get to the walleye holes.
(sing)  Mr.  Walleye…hmmmm...   hmmm…  hmmm…

Oh,  sorry… It’ll be kinda cool to actually fish after spawn when the water and the air are a bit warmer.  We might actually catch walleyes this year instead of just watching Bob Baker catch them all.

On the other paw, I have a feeling the lake trout will be deep sixed by the time opener rolls around.

Well folks…That’ll ‘bout do it for this week. Tune in next week for another episode of  Nosey Rosey on the Gunflint Trail. Same BARK time… Same BARK channel!   
(aside)  That’ll teach Fred to leave for two weeks.  He He He.

Bark! Bark!