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Magnetic North

Vicki with her angora rabbit, Peaches

Vicki Biggs-Anderson
Vicki lives  on a 100-year-old homestead in Colvill that she and her late husband, Paul moved to from the Twin Cities 23 years ago.
She shares this special place with five cashmere and milk goats,  a dozen-plus laying hens, three talkative geese an assortment of wild and domestic ducks, six angora rabbits, a house cat , a yellow Lab and a rescue retriever/kangaroo and one very spoiled Bourbon Red turkey.
When not feeding, chasing or changing "sheets" for all of the above, Vicki writes, volunteers, knits, wanders the woods, balances rocks and, "when a fit of discipline strikes," dives into her decade of weekly columns for the old News-Herald in search of a book or screenplay or, more like, a sit-com.  Listen at your convenience by subscribing to a podcast.

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What's On:

Magnetic North: A Time To Let Go Or Make Soup

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where the first fingers of fall tickled us awake on the very last days of August. Even the State Fair down in St.


Magnetic North: A Cheesy Success Story

Welcome back to Magnetic North and one happy goat milker. I have just turned out my first successful batch of chevre.

Summer road construction is in full swing

Summer drives in unfamiliar territory

Welcome back to Magnetic North, a place so spectacularly wonderful that human beings will put themselves through summer road construction hell numerous times just to be here for a matter or hours or d


Magnetic North: Failure-To-Launch Ducks And Chicken Neuroses

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where fireflies light up the nights and the meadow wears a rainbow of flowers.

Hope, the baby gosling

Magnetic North: Hope Hatches

 Welcome back to Magnetic North, a place of constant beauty AND almost hourly surprises…most of them pleasant.

Mallard ducklings

Magnetic North: Wisdom from the beaks of birds

Welcome back to Magnetic North, a place that people who absolutely, positively HATE hot call the best place on earth...usually.  This past week, temperatures inch

Summer the llama

Magnetic North: Retrieving Summer

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where the first green Easter of my life here is about to dawn.

April Fool


Welcome back to Magnetic North, where mud season seems to have come and gone. But wait, April Fool’s is right around the corner. Remember last year?

Oscar statue

Magnetic North: Return from LaLa Land

Welcome back to Magnetic North, a place I find so hard to leave that only grandchildren and my only child, their mother, could pull me away. Yes, even in March.

Vicki's cashmere cuties, Daisy and Dolly

Magnetic North: Ruminating on ruminates

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where winter’s grip is loosening, day by day, drip by drip, and we who count the hours of daylight wax poetic…over just about anything.