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Local student qualifies for state poetry slam competition

Chris Hoglund (by Stephan Hoglund)
Chris Hoglund (by Stephan Hoglund)

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Ever had to get up in front of crowds of people and share some of your most intimate and personal thoughts? That’s just what Cook County native and Perpich Center for the Arts student Chris Hoglund did last week when he shared his poem “The Losers Way to Win” as part of a poetry slam at Washburn High School in Minneapolis. Chris will be competing again next week at the University of Minnesota in the hopes of qualifying for the state poetry slam team that will compete nationally. Chris spoke with Jana Berka Monday, March 14, on the AM Community Calendar about his poetry and writing.

In his interview, Chris also shared one of his original short poems:

"The Beautiful Thing About Us"

The beautiful thing about us
is that I don't know you and you
don't know me and
we really don't need to know each other.

All we need to know is that the sky is blue,
and the grass is green and that, more often than not,
chances are that things will work out,
that if one falls the other will catch.

All I need to know is that your fingers fit mine,
and that blueberries grow in july,
and that moss comes up on the north side,
and the lake will always be here, it will outlive our love.

All you need to know is that my phone is always on me,
and I will always be there to answer,
and even if I'm sleeping, you can call me a thousand times,
until I wake up and my love will make it 'til morning.

All you need to know is that as long as my feet work,
as long as my bike has a chain,
as long as my car runs,
I'll be ready for you,
I'll love you till the sidewalk ends.

All you need to know is that I would jet ski Lake Superior for you- That I would walk the bridge to nowhere for you-
That I would fly anywhere for you-

All you need to know is that as long as I breathe,
Half my breath is for you.

That I'm not afraid of things I should have said,
or could have said,
that I have no regret in you.

All you need to know is that we will always be we.