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Local math and reading scores show uneven results

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Improvements in the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments-II state-wide testing program are slow but steady. The tests measure math and reading proficiency for students in grades 3 – 8 plus grades 11 in math and 10 in reading. Ninth graders test in writing proficiency.
Minnesota students improved their proficiency by 2% in math and only slightly in reading. The picture in Cook County Schools ISD166 showed a better growth pattern. In 2009 the district did not meet its goals, but this year 66% of students tested proficient in math over 58% last year. The growth in reading proficiency was slower, but still students tested at 77% versus last year’s 74%.
Great Expectations Charter School students tested 70% proficient in math, up from 61% in 2009. The school also improved in reading from 79 % to 85% this year.
Birch Grove Community School slipped in this year’s testing. In math last year 53% were proficient and this year that fell to 52%. In reading last year students tested 84% proficient, while this year that figure dropped to 71%.
Last year half of Minnesota public and charter schools were deemed underperforming. In August the state Department of Education will release this year’s list of underperforming schools.

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