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Local group seeks memorial flag pole on harbor

Breakwall at Grand Marais
Breakwall at Grand Marais

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A local group has approached the city of Grand Marais asking to erect a flag pole in Harbor Park memorializing the late Dick Joynes. Spokesman Gene Erickson said money has been donated and is waiting to be spent.
Erickson: Soon after Dick Joynes passed away, we collected about $1300 and it sat there and nobody was doing much about it and then we finally got an idea. My idea was I came in the harbor one night in the spring and I was looking around and I thought a flag pole would be the thing to have.
At a recent meeting Park Board members approved the project; however Harbor Park is part of a Conservation Easement and was funded in part by a DNR Natural Scenic Grant. At Wednesday’s city council meeting it was pointed out that because of those arrangements, a flagpole in Harbor Park may not be allowed. Councilors authorized City Administrator Mike Roth to contact the DNR to see if such a memorial would be allowed.
Mayor Sue Hakes suggested possible alternatives for the memorial flagpole including Compass Park and the Coast Guard Station. Erickson ruled out the Coast Guard Station, but said Compass Park might be an acceptable alternative if the Harbor Park location was not possible. Erickson support for the project continues to grow.
Erickson: Since it was in the paper about me meeting with the park board, we’ve gotten about $400 more in the mail. I got a check, so people are supporting it big time, in my opinion.    
A memorial plaque would be large enough to accept additional names and Erickson suggested the city could implement fees similar to the ones charged for Harbor Park benches and concrete seats.