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Local governor’s race recount goes smoothly in county

Braidy Powers
Braidy Powers

According to Cook County Auditor-Treasurer Braidy Powers, the local governor’s race recount went smoothly on Monday with no challenges from either political party. Powers said election judges here did a perfect job election night. A second look at ballots during the recount added one vote for Republican Tom Emmer and one vote for Democrat Mark Dayton.
During the first recount day, election officials statewide waded through 947,000 ballots. According to the Associated Press, Dayton picked up 20 votes and Emmer lost four compared with their pre-recount totals.
Unlike in Cook County, Emmer challenged 281 ballots, three times more than the Dayton camp. Challenges not withdrawn will go before the state canvassing board for a final decision next week. Barring legal challenges, the recount is supposed to be over on Dec. 14.