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Local Fish Report for Jan. 27

Lake trout
Lake trout

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, fishing is picking up.

Lake trout action has been pretty decent overall. On Kemo Lake, lakers were biting ferociously. People were catching in 5 feet of water as well as 20 to 30 feet using minnows and jigs or spoons.

Over at Greenwood action was good but quite a number of small ones. They used spoons tipped with minnows or ciscoes fishing anywhere from 25 feet to 55 feet. Lakers were suspended.

Up at Moss action in 15 feet to 35 feet using jigs and minnows. And finally up at Sag the lakers were in 35 to 60 feet of water with the fish suspended. They were using jigs and spoons with minnows and ciscoes.

The splake have also been biting. Pine Mountain Lake, Mink, Shoe, and Esther lakes are giving up some nice fish. Most are fishing in the 8 to 18 foot range. Ice jigs and waxies are the most common method being used. Some very nice splake are being caught.

Rainbow action on Kimball and Trout lakes is picking up a bit. Try from 8 to 15 feet or so with jigs and waxies (minnows and waxies on Trout Lake). Leo Lake is reporting hot action on the rainbows. Use waxies in 20 feet or so.

If northerns are your style, East Twin, Devil Track, Homer and Pike lakes seem to be doing fine. Drop a sucker minnow in 6 to 15 feet and you just might get lucky.

And finally, not much word about walleyes. Most are heading up to Sag and Seagull lakes with a jig and minnow in the 23 to 35 foot range up there, suspended. A few people were using jigging raps too.

Some were catching a few in Cascade in 25 feet or so but the perch were hitting better a little shallower.