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Local fish report for Friday, March 16

Jig Twister
Jig Twister

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich at Buck’s Hardware, warm weather is taking its toll on lake ice.

There is melt water everywhere so be prepared to have wet feet. Ice is still plentiful for now but be aware of problems possibly cropping up. There are a few people still heading out. Although they only caught about four fish at last weekend’s fish contest at West Bearskin, others reported a little better luck. Most were dropping down spoons with ciscoes or minnows in 35 to 50 feet.

Moss Lake had a bit of action along with the slush. Try minnows down from 25 to 40 feet. It’s slowed a bit at Mink and Kimball but at least they’re close to town. Preserved minnows and waxies off the bottom might be your best choice.

As we near the end of the ice fishing season, remember to be careful as the ice disappears. It’s gonna be warm for the rest of the week, so bring on spring!