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Local fish report for Friday, February 1

Jig Twister lures
Jig Twister lures

According to fishing expert John Muhich of Buck’s Hardware he’s been hearing a lot of big fish stories from the past, probably because fishing is a bit slow right now.

If you’re looking for a few places to drop a line for walleyes. . . try Sag of course, but also Partridge, McFarland, and Devilfish lakes.

If lakers are what you need, Pine, Clearwater, Flour, and Loon lakes are looking to be good bets.

Rainbows were hitting this week on Mink, Esther, and Muckwa.  

If you’re looking for brookies, give Loft, Lima or Shoe Lakes a go?

It looks as though the weekend ahead will be nice so go fishing.