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Local Fish Report for Feb. 4

Ice fishing kit
Ice fishing kit

Our fishing expert, Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, says trout once again take center stage for ice fishing, but he asks, “Whatever happened to the mid-winter thaw anyway?”

It seems that fewer fishermen went out this past week which is too bad as we’ve been hearing about some very good RAINBOW and SPLAKE action. The WALLEYE bite is pretty slim but if you want some action Sag and Seagull might be your best choice.

As for TROUT, a couple of lakes you might want to try include Leo where the RAINBOWS are biting in 10 to 15 feet of water. The fish are suspended just under the ice and waxies with ice jigs or small spoons. The SPLAKE in Leo are about 15 to 22 feet of water, suspended.

Shoe Lake was giving up some BROOKIES as well as SPLAKE in 8 to 15 feet using salted minnows and waxies. You can try ice jigs here too.

Greenwood Lake is reporting some LAKERS pretty deep in the 35 to 45 foot depths using jigging Rapalas tipped with a minnow head. We've also heard of some success around 18 to 26 feet off the bottom with minnows and spoons.

Mink Lake is also reporting good RAINBOW action in 8 to fifteen feet using waxies and ice jigs. If Mink isn’t your cup of tea hop on over to Kimball as it’s giving them up in 12 to 18 feet of water.