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Lawsuit filed against Minnesota's wolf season

Wolf pack - photo by John Vucetich
Wolf pack - photo by John Vucetich

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Two groups have filed a lawsuit to try to block the opening of Minnesota's wolf hunting and trapping seasons this fall.
The Center for Biological Diversity and Howling for Wolves say the Department of Natural Resources failed to provide a proper opportunity for public comment on recently approved rules establishing the wolf hunting and trapping seasons.
Wolves came off the endangered list in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan last January, and the Minnesota Legislature authorized the resumption of wolf hunting and trapping last session.
The two groups contend the online survey the DNR conducted did not provide an adequate chance for public comment. They're asking the Minnesota Court of Appeals for a preliminary injunction to block the hunt until the court can rule.

(Click on the mp3 audio file above to hear an interview, recorded Tuesday, September 18,  with a representative of The Center for Biological Diversity.)