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Lake County Journal

Petrell Creek in Lake County. The Lake County Journal airs the fourth Thursday of every month at 7 p.m.

  • 4th Thursday 7-8pm

Lake County Journal is a one-hour radio magazine which can be heard on the fourth Thursday of each month from 7 to 8 p.m. Join Lake County residents on the fourth Thursday of each month for music, adventure, and stories about life in Lake County, Minnesota. 

What's On:

Gus' Wild Side: Unruly Pond Hockey

Gus remembers winter pond hockey played with friends and neighbors along the Drummond Grade in Lake County.

Sunny's "Min-Pin"

Sunny's Back Yard: Do Owls Have a Sense of Humor?

Is it possible that owls have a sense of humor, especially when it involves waking a hyperactive miniature pinscher? Sunny explores that late-night possibility....


Gus' Wild Side: Walking on Water

Take a walk on a frozen stream in mid winter with Gus and his dog, Maggie.

Sunny's Back Yard: Garden Dreams of Mid-Winter

Deep in the dark and cold of mid-winter, Sunny dreams of the lush and beautiful garden she'll have next summer.


Sunny's Back Yard: Winter Solstice

Sunny shares her thoughts on the winter solstice in this edition of Sunny's Back Yard.

Marl Lake

Three Poems on Winter, the Importance of Pets, and a Mother's Death

Hear about the importance of poetry in our lives, in addition to three original poems by Dr.

John Dillinger

Gus' Wild Side: The Good Side of a Gangster

Gus recalls his grandparents' story of a possible encounter with John Dillinger.

Lake County Journal: Random Thanksgiving Stories

Listen to random and amusing stories of past Thanksgivings from the contributors of the Lake County Journal.


Sunny's Back Yard: A Time of Gratitude

Sunny reflects on the importance of gratitude in this edition of Sunny's Back Yard.

Lake County Journal: Eerie Wilderness Stories

Hear stories about ghosts and other eerie experiences in the wilderness from the folks at the Lake County Journal.