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Gunflint Notebook

Steve Ramberg

Steve Ramberg
Steve lives on the Gunflint Trail with his family. His ongoing audio series, “Gunflint Notebook,” highlights life on the Trail. Steve has a knack for tackling big issues with a gentle touch. The Gunflint Notebook can be heard about twice per month on WTIP. Listen at your convenience by subscribing to a podcast.

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Inside the Metrodome, current home of the Minnesota Vikings

Gunflint Notebook: Stadiums and Money

Finalcut_Vikings_GFN_20110811.mp311.65 MB

On this edition of the Gunflint Notebook, Steve Ramberg dares to dream big by suggesting a move for the Minnesota Vikings to Cook County. Just why couldn't we have the Vikings stadium up here?


Life off the dirt road/ Photo : Bruno Monginoux / (cc-by-nc-nd)

Gunflint Notebook: Dirt Road

Finalcut_GFN_DirtRoad.mp314.58 MB

Life operates a little differently when you live in the woods off a long dirt road. In this edition of the Gunflint Notebook Steve reflects on just who he shares the road with in this neck of the woods. Turns out it’s not just cars.


Cell Phone

Gunflint Notebook: Cell Phones

CellPhones_20110518.mp311.29 MB

In a time when we are all so connected by technology, we can never be too sure who has access to our personal information, and Steve doesn't want to have to choose between his cell phone and protecting his personal information and right to privacy. In this edition of Gunflint Notebook, Steve contemplates what we're giving up when we check the box at the bottom of our cell phone contract.

Photo courtesy of Jeramey Jannene via Flickr.


Waiting for Spring

Gunflint Notebook: Waiting

Waiting_042111.mp39.19 MB

We spend much of our lives waiting: waiting to be born, waiting to get our driver's licenses in high school, waiting to register for college, and so on. In this edition of Gunflint Notebook, Steve contemplates the lingering in life, and what it means for each of us.

Photo courtesy of HibaHaba via Flickr.


Tree Frog

Gunflint Notebook: Limb, The Tree Frog

Finalcut_GFN_LimbTheFrog_20110215.mp37.33 MB

On this edition of Gunflint Notebook, Steve discusses the ups, downs and lessons learned from their newest family pet, Limb the tree frog.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Bakk-Hansen via Flickr.


Lefse (Lance Fisher on Wikimedia)

Gunflint Notebook: Lefse

Lefse_20101222.mp36.51 MB

 On this edition of Gunflint Notebook, Steve discusses the memories and lessons he associates with lefse during the Christmas season.


Deer (Micky on Flickr)

Gunflint Notebook: Buck

Buck_GN_Finalcut_20101208.mp34.24 MB

 In this episode of Gunflint Notebook, Steve discusses his lazy deerhunting habits, and reflects on how things will be year.


Election Signs

Gunflint Notebook: Elections

GunflintNotebook_20101026.MP3_.mp311.52 MB

 Steve Ramberg is a volunteer producer at WTIP North Shore Community Radio. In his ongoing series "Gunflint Notebook", he shares his perspectives about life on the Gunflint Trail in northeastern Minnesota. On this edition of the Gunflint Notebook, Steve talks about getting away from the media and advertising during this election season.


Maple Hill Church by Bryan Hansel

Gunflint Notebook: Uncle Ronald

Finalcut_GFN_Uncle_20100923.mp35.83 MB

 In this episode of Gunflint Notebook, Steve discusses the important role uncles play in our lives, and remembers special moments shared with his Uncle Ronald.


The big dock jump

Gunflint Notebook: The Dock Jump

Dockjump_GunflintNotebook_20100804.mp310.49 MB

In this edition of the Gunflint Notebook, Steve ponders all the thought that goes into a successful summertime jump off the dock—from the cannonball to swan dives to the Michael Jackson.