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Friday Fish Report for May 20

Northern pike
Northern pike

According to our fishing expert John Muich of Buck’s Hardware, the fishing opener was slow and most people were fishing walleyes, shallow. Other anglers had better luck with Lake Trout.

Up the trail Seagull was reporting Lakers were shallow. In 12 feet or less people trolled with just about anything. Rapalas, spoons, live rigs, whatever they could muster from their tackle box .

Northerns were also being caught on the troll up the Gunflint. Some were using sucker minnows but trolling seemed to be better.

Walleyes were a little slow as the ice just recently went out and the lakes need another week of warmer weather. There were some walleyes caught in 20-30 feet using jigs tipped with chubs.

Saganaga was reporting pretty much the same as Seagull where the lakers were a better choice than walleyes. The walleyes seemed a little deeper in most cases but there was some success in the rock piles under 12 feet with jigs and minnows.

Hungry Jack seemed to have some northern success trolling around the shallows but the walleye action was spotty thus far.

Loon Lake reported good results with lakers and northerns trolling with spoons and Rapalas. We also got a good word on Trout Lake for lakers but deep was the word here. Jigs and Swedish Pimples tipped with chubs was the choice for lures.

The word is -- get out there and enjoy some of the nice cool weather fishing for trout and northerns while we wait for the lakes to warm up a bit for the walleye bite.