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Friday Fish Report for July 29

Wobbler crank baits
Wobbler crank baits

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, fishing is picking up.

Word from up the trail is that walleyes can be had. On Seagull try drifting slowly with crawler harnesses. You’re going to have to search a little for depths but try along the weed lines. In the evening try some of the humps. Leeches are being used on the humps mainly but people were getting results with minnows too.

Word leaked out about some unusual lake trout success on Tuscarora last week. If the bite is still going they were getting fish in 60 to 80 feet of water off the bottom.

Bass, bass everywhere. They’re hitting on top water lures, spinners, drift rigs and bobber fishing. Hungry Jack, Seagull, Poplar, Devil Track, Northern Light, Devilfish and more. The bass bite is on.

Finally, a word on the big lake. Salmon have been reported along some of the reefs. One group was fishing 20 feet deep in 40 feet of water off a reef and got a few.

The only word on lakers is that they’re deep. 160 feet to 210 feet is where many are fishing.