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Friday Fish Report, August 17


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The Old Fisherman is still working on his existential angst and hasn’t set butt in boat for more than a week now. He says he’s having problem getting his walleye-centered brain around the concept that existence precedes essence. He believes that he is a fisherman, existing independently and responsibly. However, he also is defined by the society of WTIP listeners as a fisherman as well (essence). This leads him to wonder whether in his case existence equals essence.  He did send along the Friday Fish Report which he got from his fishin’ buddy Jon Muhich at Buck’s Hardware.
Another week has passed and fisher-people are wondering “where are all the fish?” Jon reports there are some really nice perch and some walleyes out there waiting to be caught.
Most of the walleye action has been in the early mornings or late evenings. Devil Track continues to produce some nice walleyes. Drifting or slow-trolling with crawler harnesses or the ever dependable Rapala has shown success.  Some folks are also having success with leeches and slip bobbers.
The smallies have been hitting as well, so be ready for them.
Ball Club Lake is producing some walleyes in 12 to 20 feet of water on crawlers and leeches. Troll with live rigs or use slip bobbers to get these guys. Also, keep your head up for some decent perch at Ball Club. At least that’s what some very truthful-sounding fishermen are reporting.
Lake Superior fishing is still being productive. Salmon are being caught in 80 to 120 feet of water. Fish are suspended and many are simply long-lining it. Lake trout can be found at those depths too, but some fisher-people are heading deeper for trout.
The old fisherman hopes to have his angst sorted out by next Friday. He says that he may just switch gear a bit and go with Rene Descartes  and “I fish, therefore I am.”
In the meantime, keep your Plano organized, your maribou flufffed and your Stren stretched!