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First Thursday Community Conversation for March: a 1% sales tax update

One percent
One percent

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On November 3rd 2009, Cook County voters overwhelmingly approved a 1% local option sales tax. The revenue is to be used for a number of construction projects, among them community centers, public recreation areas and improvements to the Grand Marais Public Library. Collection of the tax began in April of 2010 and expenditures are already being committed. So where do we stand today?

In the studio March 3 were four people deeply involved in 1% sales tax issues. Braidy Powers is Cook County Auditor-Treasurer and as such keeps his eye on sales tax collection and spending. Grand Marais Librarian Linda Chappell, who, with her library board have been dealing with the library expansion for many months. West End Commissioner Bruce Martinson, familiar with the Birch Grove recreation project and soon-to-be Treasurer of the Joint Economic Development Authority, managers of Superior National Golf Course. And West Grand Marais area Commissioner Sue Hakes, who chairs the Community Center Steering Committee.

WTIP’s Jay Andersen was moderator with Carah Thomas engineering.