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Fire Chief is looking for more firefighters

Volunteer firefighter
Volunteer firefighter

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The Grand Marais Fire Chief is out recruiting new volunteers. The job requires commitment and certain physical requirements, but Ben Silence already has several applicants and more are welcome. WTIPs Jay Andersen has this story.
Grand Marais Fire Chief Ben Silence is looking for a few new firefighters. Currently, there are 19 firefighters in the Grand Marais Volunteer Fire Department and Silence would like to hire a half dozen more as well as six more first responders.
He laid out his goals at Wednesday’s city council meeting.
Silence: The optimum number is kind of tough, but I’d like to get up to 30, anticipating that we’re going to lose a few people, because, historically, we’ve usually ran about 28, I think, is what we’ve had. The First Responders would be included in that as a firefighter, basically.
Silence said he already has a number of applicants that he’ll review and present to city councilors at their next meeting. Volunteer firefighting demands a commitment, according to Silence. There are physical requirements and a 96 hour training course to achieve the Firefighter 1 classification. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter can pick up an application form at City Hall.
Jay Andersen, WTIP News.