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EDA cost/benefit study to be made public

EDA office at City Hall in Grand Marais
EDA office at City Hall in Grand Marais

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The Cook County-Grand Marais Joint Economic Development Authority (EDA) was created more than 20 years ago, primarily as a means to secure public money to build Superior National Golf Course at Lutsen.  More recently, the EDA developed Cedar Grove Business Park in Grand Marais, a project that’s been plagued by construction problems, stormwater violations, legal bills, and poor lot sales. 
Public confidence in the EDA is at a low point, and some in the community have expressed doubt about its value.  As a result, the EDA sought, and was approved for a grant to study the organization’s cost and benefit to the community.  The University of Minnesota’s EDA Center at Crookston, working with U of M Extension, has been researching and evaluating the EDA for the past few months and will present their findings at a special meeting, Tuesday, July 20th at City Hall in Grand Marais.  The meeting starts at 5:00 p.m. and is open to the public.
The University of Minnesota at Crookston is a federally designated U.S. Department of Commerce EDA University Center and provides assistance to economic development agencies in rural communities throughout Minnesota. More information is available at  

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